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Are you searching  a women's wear Patternmaker course, but you work or you dont have time to follow the lessons?
Fashion Tecnologies is the write solution for you!
The first women's wear Patternmaker Italian school, entirely online, which allows you to take lessons from the comfort of your home. You just need an internet connection. In our courses we offer you the largest possibel number of concepts, by video, tables, texts useful to train professionals specialized in the field of modeling clothing, lingerie and swimwear. The concepts and techniques of models construction have been developed in our modeling Study counseling and testing through the experience accrued from our model makers in leading companies of fashion as clothing industry as: Itierre for Italy, Donna Karan for America and French Connection for England; for lingerie and swimwear industry: Arcte and Liberty for Italy, Leonisa and others for abroad.

Are starting now the new "Women's wear patternmaker" and "Pattern designer lingerie and swimwear" courses online

The field of modeling industry is that, arguably now has more outlets and opportunities working in the field of fashion. This can be easily found by browsing magazines or by consulting the various recruitment sites in the textile and clothing sector. Attend a modeler is a prerequisite for those intending to pursue a career in style or in the fields of product management as a limit that is found in many designers is just to ignore the fundamental canons of construction and fit of the model. Any idea or fantasy style must be technically supported by a real feasibility

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Communication to members "Interactive course"

18/06/2012 Deadline new registration on-line courses "Women's wear patternmaker courses" : -Basic - Interaktive


Communication to members "Basic course"

18/06/2012 Deadline new registration on-line courses "Lingerie and swimwear patternmaker courses" : -Basic - Interactive

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